Thursday, April 18, 2013


i don't think i had ever been away from my blog for this long.
everything has been so busy lately and unfortunately, blogging got the short end of the stick.

there has been so much going on lately, all good.

God is good. always.
how could i have lived so long not believing that.
well, to be honest, believing that for others, but not for me.

do any of you struggle with that feeling of not being worthy?
of not deserving his amazing love and grace?

that miracles are for others who believe but not for you, 
and not for a girl like me?

that's what i believed. 
i did. it is not a good feeling.
through prayer, fellowship with good friends who love God, prayer warriors,
women of faith all placed in my path by God 
because of them i can freely embrace my identity in christ.

i know what the word says about me. 
i will no longer fall prey to the lies i once believed, 
as long as i keep reaching out to the one who holds me in his hand.

i am no longer who i used to be a year ago...
god has been working in my life chiseling, refining me, to be who he has called me to be.

i am like a's my time to bloom.
i am like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis in it's cocoon,
ready to soon burst open and enjoy my new wings...a new creation in Christ.
only Christ has the power to work miracles in your life.
do you believe that?
believe with all your heart

"For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified..."
Romans 10:10

thank you for visiting and stopping by

Monday, February 25, 2013

churro waffles

sunday i made these for my boys and hubby.
i saw the recipe on pinterest and decided to try it.
they were delish! if you like mexican churros, this recipe will not disappoint.
hubby is a big fan of all things sweet, by default my boys are too.

now if only i could get my waffles to look more like waffles than tic-tac-toe squares.
guess i'll have to practice some more.
i am sure the boys will not have complaints.
you can find the recipe here.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


tomorrow we are kicking off Read across america week.

be back tomorrow with some fun ideas you can do with your kids 
and a delicious churro waffle recipe.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

speaking words of love

i know valentine's day is over and that it has been a little over a month that i posted.
life seems to be slipping by these days.
if you are still here reading this lil blog of mine,  i thank you for staying.

this valentine's day i decided to make my boys a heart banner.
one day while at my sister's house this past summer, i picked up one of her books on parenting. the author shared a story on how she decorated her children's rooms for valentine's day. She wrote words of encouragement to her children on hearts and posted them on their door. i thought to myself, what a great idea. far too often i forget to point out how wonderful i think they are. i know it, but do they?

i decided to make this heart banner for each of my boys.
i saw several similar ideas floating around on pinterest.
i chose words that describe qualities that i love about them and stamped them on the front of cut-out hearts. i used scrapbook paper i purchased at michael's.
on the back, i wrote selected bible verses to pray over each of my boys.

my little one especially liked it. he enjoyed reading the words and it also prompted a good conversation about the meaning of each bible verse. He looked forward to reading the new bible verse each day.

at first i thought that these banners might be a bit "girlie" for my boys, but i know that they felt encouraged and most of all loved. It is my hope that my boys learn that they are loved by God.

i just wanted to share with you an amazing book if you are a parent raising young children.
i admit at times parenting is hard! this book is a game changer. you should read it.

* disclaimer, i staged this picture and added the comforter and girlie pillows.
 by no means does my son's room look this girlie. my son would probably not be happy if he knew this was his bed.
give mom some time off during the day and this is what happens.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

it's the little things

 i finally was able to get to styling {fixing, cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering} my bookcases.
i don't know what it was but every time i tried, i just wasn't feelin it.
 after putting away all the christmas decorations hubby and i cleared the shelves.
this gave us a clean slate to start with.

he set up my small camera collection that i plan on adding to.
i am slowly working on adding more vintage items to my decor.

i also found this adorable flying piggie at home goods, it was black but hubby spray painted it for me.
i love it,  it reminds me to dream big. i have always liked pigs, and animals for that matter.
as you can see evidence of that with the menagerie of animals in my bookcases and around the house.


this new kitchen towel just makes me happy.
it is colorful and goes perfect in my kitchen.

i just enjoy sprucing up my little home.
there is something about january that makes you want to clean and start fresh.
it's the promise of a new beginning, a new opportunity to make your mark,
to set things right, to start anew.

i am looking forward to this new year.
i am looking forward to the amazing things god has in store.
things one can't even imagine but he has them all planned out for us
ready to pour his amazing and never ending love on us.

what are you trusting god for this new year?
have you thought about it?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year

wishing you a happy new year.

around here we have been doing a lot of this.
 plenty legos to be built.

 we spent christmas eve at my parents' house. the boys love their tita.

we left santa some hot chocolate to wash down the cookies.
we enjoyed a quiet calm christmas day visiting family.

i don't know about you but after christmas i like to put away the decorations,
clean and reorganize things that have long been over due.

i finally was able to style my bookcases. pictures to come soon.
my living room doesn't get much light and i need to wait for a sunny day to take pictures.

i am looking forward to this new year.
i hold on to God's promise to us in jeremiah 29:11

I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out-
plans to take care of you, not to abandon you, 
plans to give you the future you hope for.

my hope is in him.

wishing you and yours the best year ever.
thanks for visiting.

Friday, December 21, 2012

where's the christmas spirit gone?

image via

am i the only one having trouble getting into the christmas spirit this year?
i have been asking myself this question what seems to be all of december.

i just started my shopping and thankfully so, i am almost done.
i just can't stand crowded malls any time of the year.

 ever since i went on a no shopping spree
my attitude about buying has changed..i am not cured of all the commercialism,
believe me, there is way more work to do in that area.
of course there are things that i would love to have like this, and this,
and i could always use a new one of these
but really, when is enough, really enough?

i can't answer this question, i am a work in progress.

maybe that is why i have had a hard time this year,
i have not really decorated my home other than a tree
{that is missing the bow on top, hubby reminded me}
and a few other decorations. who am i ?

all i know is that i am changing, God is doing work in my heart, i know that.
he is showing me areas that need him in my heart.
all i know is that i need more of him, less of me, and less stuff.
i may even be brave enough to read this book.

it has been a while since i posted.
 i thank you for staying and reading my blog.