Friday, December 21, 2012

where's the christmas spirit gone?

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am i the only one having trouble getting into the christmas spirit this year?
i have been asking myself this question what seems to be all of december.

i just started my shopping and thankfully so, i am almost done.
i just can't stand crowded malls any time of the year.

 ever since i went on a no shopping spree
my attitude about buying has changed..i am not cured of all the commercialism,
believe me, there is way more work to do in that area.
of course there are things that i would love to have like this, and this,
and i could always use a new one of these
but really, when is enough, really enough?

i can't answer this question, i am a work in progress.

maybe that is why i have had a hard time this year,
i have not really decorated my home other than a tree
{that is missing the bow on top, hubby reminded me}
and a few other decorations. who am i ?

all i know is that i am changing, God is doing work in my heart, i know that.
he is showing me areas that need him in my heart.
all i know is that i need more of him, less of me, and less stuff.
i may even be brave enough to read this book.

it has been a while since i posted.
 i thank you for staying and reading my blog.


  1. Your pictures are amazing! I will have to postpone my session for Sophie, but I hope soon we can make the picture session happen. You are an amazing, creative, and lovely friend. Also, your comments about all the stuff we have and all the stuff we still want or are led to believe we need are very true. Based on my budget I had to make the hard decision not to charge and therefore I bought no gifts this Christmas. Christmas I realized is not about gifts but about God's amazing love for us John 3:16. The world however does make it extremely difficult to be okay with this decision. My flesh rebelled but I had to do what's right. It is still not easy.

  2. Edith I am glad you made a conscious decision not to go in debt, good for you!


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