Sunday, January 6, 2013

it's the little things

 i finally was able to get to styling {fixing, cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering} my bookcases.
i don't know what it was but every time i tried, i just wasn't feelin it.
 after putting away all the christmas decorations hubby and i cleared the shelves.
this gave us a clean slate to start with.

he set up my small camera collection that i plan on adding to.
i am slowly working on adding more vintage items to my decor.

i also found this adorable flying piggie at home goods, it was black but hubby spray painted it for me.
i love it,  it reminds me to dream big. i have always liked pigs, and animals for that matter.
as you can see evidence of that with the menagerie of animals in my bookcases and around the house.


this new kitchen towel just makes me happy.
it is colorful and goes perfect in my kitchen.

i just enjoy sprucing up my little home.
there is something about january that makes you want to clean and start fresh.
it's the promise of a new beginning, a new opportunity to make your mark,
to set things right, to start anew.

i am looking forward to this new year.
i am looking forward to the amazing things god has in store.
things one can't even imagine but he has them all planned out for us
ready to pour his amazing and never ending love on us.

what are you trusting god for this new year?
have you thought about it?

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  1. It all looks wonderful. That clock! I would much rather do something like rearrange shelves than clean!


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