Thursday, April 18, 2013


i don't think i had ever been away from my blog for this long.
everything has been so busy lately and unfortunately, blogging got the short end of the stick.

there has been so much going on lately, all good.

God is good. always.
how could i have lived so long not believing that.
well, to be honest, believing that for others, but not for me.

do any of you struggle with that feeling of not being worthy?
of not deserving his amazing love and grace?

that miracles are for others who believe but not for you, 
and not for a girl like me?

that's what i believed. 
i did. it is not a good feeling.
through prayer, fellowship with good friends who love God, prayer warriors,
women of faith all placed in my path by God 
because of them i can freely embrace my identity in christ.

i know what the word says about me. 
i will no longer fall prey to the lies i once believed, 
as long as i keep reaching out to the one who holds me in his hand.

i am no longer who i used to be a year ago...
god has been working in my life chiseling, refining me, to be who he has called me to be.

i am like a's my time to bloom.
i am like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis in it's cocoon,
ready to soon burst open and enjoy my new wings...a new creation in Christ.
only Christ has the power to work miracles in your life.
do you believe that?
believe with all your heart

"For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified..."
Romans 10:10

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  1. i'm so glad you stopped by..gave me a chance to find your blog. this post is your what God has done in your life during this past year.

    i think we've all struggled to believe that what his word says about us is true. i know i've definitely believed it for other people but not for myself.

    praising God for the people in your life that have encouraged you and walked your journey with you.

  2. Hello Maggie,

    Please post again! I miss your pics and messages.

    Love your fan,


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